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✿ Maiko WASAPI output plugin ✿

The WinAMP WASAPI output support component allows you to play your music using WASAPI exclusive or shared mode.

WASAPI is a new audio output method introduced in Windows Vista; among other things, it provides an exclusive mode that allows applications to take full control over soundcard's resources (muting any sounds played by other applications) and play unaltered bitstream without passing it through the Windows mixer.

- Shared Mode Renderer

This mode features a 80-bit software mixer, channel matrixing, resampler and gapless playback on the top of WASAPI shared mode. Maiko take into consideration every nuance on windows kernel data transformations for winamp application and substitute them by her own algorithms as much quality beneficial as possible. The above procedure is alike DirectSound but top quality accented. There is nothing Maiko doing without dire need. While achieving the better sound for a shared mode the Maiko plugin do not block the audio device. This allows you to use the winamp at background and keep enjoying the sound from the other applications, games, VoIP calls and such.

- Exclusive Mode Renderer

This mode may come handy for a special cases when altering the sound is absolutely prohibited. Besides the exclusive ownership over playback device this mode gives you the rich choice for what and when should not be processed. Although it may be fun for some it is not wize to dig into without a certain expertize. I do not recommend to use this mode unless you have a specific need. This mode does not meant to improve the quality, but to fine tune the playback process. Note this mode breaking the cooperative sound playback for windows environment and could render software incompatibility any moment. In absolute quality comparison this mode could be superior to the shared one though.

• Features •
Supports every known unofficial formats, Shibatch plugins including
Good compatibility with winamp clones
True gapless playback

• Requirements •
Windows Vista or later Operational Systems
Winamp 5.57+* / APlayer / MediaMonkey*
SSE2 CPU extension

Version 0.53.test.04 {2012.10.01} RSS
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Zip archive MD5: B6BCED2F3E46F1FEFE3B8E628DE1237A
dll SHA256: 1123CFCB4A46C268E02E74F86F4D634C432149BA8E8A3CB8074A8AED1F092BBB

It is highly recommended for a new users to explore the forum's FAQ section. Here you can find the user manual and indepth knowledge about this component.
* Special emulation layer requiring for a legacy WinAMP versions or MediaMonkey player.
Please note that some options may not work for winamp clones.

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